Oak’s homework

Homework for this week will be found below

homework 18.02.09 3rd set of key words 1st x7 reasoning maths paper

Homework set on 02.02.18 ie/ei when the sound is NOT ee x4 maths paper
Homework set on 26.01.18 i before e if it sounds like ‘ee’ maths paper
12 homework 18.01.19 x3 ic.ick post zoo visit task
Post zoo homework Spr 2018

instruction homework task Jan 2018

11 homework 18.01.12 x3 1st half agon, lateral shape words instruction writing

10 homework 17.12.07 own choice x6

9 homework 17.12.01 Roman words x6 1st half Roman months -ible.-able

8 homework 17.11.24 able.ible x8 Church day

7 homework 17.11.17 key words x8 1st half roman model
Roman homework Nov 2017

6 homework 17.11.10 key words x4 maths sheet

Maths paper 3 Autumn 2017

Parent handout

Maths paper 2 Autumn 2017 fractions written

5 homework 17.11.03 compound words x4 1st half maths sheet

Maths paper 1 Autumn 2017 fractions written

post parent evening letter maths homework final
letter re maths homework and assessment meeting
Maths paper due in by Thurs 2nd Nov

homework17.10.12 homophones x2 Test on Thurs 19th Oct
17.10.06 double consonant x5 Mosaics Test on Thurs 12th

17.09.29 al.ally 1st half x5 Test on Thurs 5th Oct

Oak Homework Explanation
2017.09.22 Ful suffix/x10/Camp diary Test on Fri 29th Sep

Camp Diary and Book Analysis

No new homework – hand in Mayan project by Thurs 6th

Camp booklet for September 2017




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