Oak homework 2016 – 2017

key words test on Thursday 29th June

Times tables to hand in by Thurs 22nd

Gold challenge 15 x table challenge hand in by Thurs 22nd

Prefix + form + suffix times tables sheets test on Thurs 22nd June

Ous spellings times tables sheets test on Thurs 15th June

Letter re pirates of the Curry Bean with details on costumes and dates Pirates of the Curry Bean script

ssion times tables Test on Thurs 25th May (Mayan masks – due in Thurs 15th June)

Mayan masks ideas

Yr 6 maths paper hand in Thurs 11th May

Yr 5 maths paper hand in Thurs 11th May

Spelling sort hand in Thurs 11th May Spelling sort/maths paper week before SATs – no weekly test Fraction/decimal/% test on Thurs 4th May Hyphens fractions/dec/% test on Thurs 4th May Yr 6 2005 maths paper Grammar sheet for years 5 and 6 hand in by Thurs 27th April Easter homework cian.cial Test on Thurs 6th April Yr 6 (paper 5) full size copy en.an squared numbers test on Thurs 29th March Homophones x9 test on Thurs 23rd March Maths sheet to hand in by Thurs 16th March Dance letter re fish and chips/pier/costumes qu x9 Test on Thurs 16th March Yrs  5 and 6 spelling revision test on Thurs 9th March Yr 5 Reading comprehension about ‘Reading dogs’ due in 9th March Spelling revision x12 test on Thurs 9th March ible/able x12 test Thurs 2nd March Dance festival letter Double consonants x11 Test on Thurs 23rd Feb Grammar sheet hand in by 9th Feb short vowels made by digraphs do not have a double consonant/x7 Maths apps Written methods for maths: addition subtraction multiplication division Grammar exercise – due in Thurs 2nd Feb A special journey – due in Thurs 2nd Feb Double consonants with short vowels x7 Test on Thurs 2nd Feb ic.ick x3 Test on Thurs 26th Jan Grammar homework exercise, hand in by Thurs 19th Jan ice/ise  x6 test on Thurs 19th Jan ice/ise exercises hand in by Thurs 19th Jan Documents referenced at grammar meeting 09.01.17 Free ‘must have’ apps for grammar and vocabulary – as suggested at grammar meeting The ‘Grammar Bible’ detailed explanations Oak’s ‘Tips’ for grammar help Maths sheet hand in by Thurs 12th Jan agent nouns x6 Test on Thurs 12th Jan Last homework of the term -own choice and prime numbers test on Thurs 15th Dec Plurals ending in os/oes x11 Test on Thurs 8th Dec No change plurals, time facts to learn and poster to make Words for Colston Hall extravaganza Maths Paper 3 Hand in by Thurs 24th Nov Greek Words x8 Test Wed 23rd Nov Maths paper 2 hand in by Thurs 17th Nov ght x8 test on Thursday 17th Nov i before e x4 test on Wednesday 9th Nov (Because Thursday is Greek dressing up day!) No new homework for half term – hand in Greek clock by Thursday 3rd Nov Greek water clock task – due in after 1/2 term Spelling homophones x5 test on Thurs 13th Oct Yr 6 homophone task Yr 5 homophone task Spelling compound words x2 Modern Greece Spelling ful/fully x 10 test 22nd Sep     OAK CAMP BOOKLET SEP 2016 OAK MEDICAL FORM (GREEN SHEET) Oak’s Euro 2016 country  presentation due in Thurs 30th June Letter to Oak re Camp Sep 2016