Oak homework 2015 – 2016

Letter to Oakparents re Olivia!

Letter to Beech parents re Olivia!

Olivia songs – music

Maths sheet due in Thurs 26th          2nd sheet

Spelling latin prefixes min/multi/magn test Thurs 26th May

Alien plant task – due in Thurs 31st March

Spelling le/el/al squared numbers Test Thurs 24th March

Spelling -ise/-ice x6 Test Thurs 17th March

Yr 6 ise/ice spelling activity

Spelling able/ible x8 Test Thurs 10th March

Collective nouns hand in by Thurs 3rd March

Spelling antonyms dis/un x7

Spelling revision hand in by Thurs 25th Feb

Year 6 also need to complete 2012 Maths SATs Paper A (If you need a spare copy, search online.)

Maths paper for Years 5 and 6 to complete by Thurs 25th Feb

Spelling sheet to complete by Thurs 25th

Yr 6 homework pie charts 

Yr 5 homework on pie charts

Spelling double letters x4/quarters pie charts test on Thurs 11th Feb

Spelling ic or ick.  x3/thirds test on Thurs 4th Feb

Autobiography task – hand in by Thurs. 4th Feb

Spelling ssion x2/halving test on Thurs 28th Jan

Maths sheet hand in by Thurs 21st Jan

Spelling Greek prefixes frac/dec test Thurs 21st Jan

Maths sheet – hand in by Thurs 14th Jan

Spelling ous squared numbers Test Thurs 14th Jan

No Spelling x12 test Thurs 17th Dec  

Spelling oes/os x12 test Thurs 10th Dec

Spelling y/ies plurals test x3 Thurs 3rd Dec

Roman  building homework due in 10th Dec

Spelling es plurals/x4 test Fri 27th Nov

Spelling Latin words x9 test Thurs 19.11.15

Yr 6 investigation red group only https://nrich.maths.org/4889, due in Thurs 12th Nov

Yr 5 have 2 maths sheets: x8 and fractions, due in Thurs 12th Nov

Yr 6 have a maths paper, due in Thurs 12th Nov

Spelling-adverbs, x8 test Thurs 12th Nov

Yr 6 investigation – this is tricky (Just have a go!)


Yr 5 perimeter tasks

Yr 5 maths problems

Spelling said alternatives x6 test Thurs 5th Nov

Spelling magic Ian and cial suffix, x6, test Thurs 22nd Oct

Spelling compound words x7 Mosaic Test tHurs 15th Oct

Spelling i before e, x7 1st half Test Thurs 8th October

Spelling ght x11 Test Thurs 1st October

Camp Diary due in Thursday 8th October

Spelling ate suffix x5 Test Thurs 24th Sep 2015

Spelling ful/fully x10 Test Thurs 10th Sep 2015

Explanation of homework routines for Oak 2015.2016