Oak Homework 2014 – 2015

Buddy book due in 09.07.15

Spelling ‘form’ x3 test Thursday 11th June

No 1/2 term homework

Robin Hood script

Robin Hood Cast list for Oak

No homework for week beginning Monday 18th May

Revision for SATs week – hand in on Thursday 14th May

Spelling ic OR ick maths terms test on Thursday 7th May

Maths terms revision sheet

Spelling antonyms multiplication grids test Thursday 30th April

Spelling sheet for test on Thursday 30th April

Year 6 maths paper can be accessed at http://www.satstestsonline.co.uk/sto_past_papers.aspx TestA 2013

Spelling ex fraction/decimal/% equivalence test Thurs 23rd April

Reading paper can be accessed at http://www.satstestsonline.co.uk/sto_past_papers.aspx

Spelling ible/able x8 test Thurs 16th April

Portrait – due in Thursday 26th March

Spelling ian /cial x2/x4   test Thurs 26th March

Spelling silent letters/ squared numbers test Friday 20th March

Healthy Eating poster comp due in Thurs 19th March

4 types of sentence PowerPoint

4 types of sentence exercise

Spelling en    or   an  x9 4 types of sentences test Thurs 12th March

Me or I? exercise to complete

Me or I? PowerPoint

Spelling long/short vowel sounds test Thurs 5th March

%/dec/frac Maths homework for blue/red maths groups 

%/dec/frac Maths homework for orange/yellow/green maths groups 

1/2 term homework Test/due on Thursday 26th Feb

New expectations for Oak homework Spring 2015

Spelling ssion x12 test Thurs 12th Feb

Spelling ‘ght’ x11 test Thurs 5th Feb

Collective nouns – everyone has to do

Abstract nouns – blue group have to do

Spelling ous x7 test Thurs 29th Jan

Graffiti homework (for blue English group)

Banksy comprehension text

Banksy comprehension questions

Spelling i before e x7 test Thurs 22nd Jan

Spelling vocab x6 test Thurs 15th Jan

Special Journey Homework task due in Thurs 15th Jan

Happy New Year!  The 1st homework of 2015 will be issued on Friday 9th Jan (1st test will be Thursday 15th Jan).

No homework for last week of the Autumn term or the Christmas holiday

Elgin Marbles – homework for blue literacy group. (Yellow and green to do Trojan horse sheet – not able to put on website, but spares are available in class)

Spelling adverbs x6 test Thurs 11th Dec

Spelling Greek words x8 test Thurs 4th Dec

Spelling unusual plurals x8 test Fri 28th Nov

Spelling es plurals x4 test Thurs 20th Nov

Greek minute timer due in Thurs 20th Nov

Spelling said alternatives x4 test Thurs 13th Nov

Spelling os/oes plurals x3 test Thurs 6th Nov

Spelling f/fe plurals x3 Test Thurs 23rd Oct

(Accompanying sheet referred to on above sheet!)

Spelling y ending plurals  x5  Test Thurs 16th Oct

Spelling ate ending x5 test Thurs 9th Oct

Spelling y/ied endings  x2  TEST ON WEDNESDAY 1ST Oct

Spelling ed ending x2 Test Thurs 25th Sep Year 6

Spelling ed ending x2 Test Thurs 25th Sep Year 5

Spelling ful x10 Test Thurs 18th Sep