Oak homework 2013-2014

Last spelling homework of the year!  Year 5 learn the 1st 9 words, Year 6 learn the 2nd 9 words.  If you feel like a challenge, learn all 18!  Test on Fri 11th July.

Armada words x11 Test Fri 4th July

Won’t be any help for spellings but table is x9 Test 27th June

comm squared numbers Test 20th June

Learn your lines for the musical!

Thursday 5th  Science homework – very difficult to see on the black and white photocopy, but 1st plant is green, 2nd is yellow and last one is brown!

Spelling fer suffixes x7 test 13.06.14

Spelling words from root word “form” x3 Test 06.06.14

All of Oak have 4 multiplication squares to complete – if you find it tricky, try filling in the rows horizontally; if you are confident work vertically in coumns.  Either way, don’t forget to check answers and time yourself. (Due in Tuesday 3rd June)

No homework this weekend!

No spellings for test week, instead mathematical terms to revise

Yr 6 mental maths Test Fri 9th May

Yr 5 mental maths Test Fri 9th May

Spelling dis/un mental maths Test Fri 9th May

Year 6 only APOSTROPHES due in Tues 29th April

Spelling able/ible  Squared Numbers Test Fri 2nd May

Year 5 Homework Mountain project due in Tues 29th April

Spelling ex times 11 Test Fri 4th April

Spelling Ian & Ment suffixes, 1/2 and 1/4 Test Fri 28th March

Measure facts sheet test Fri 21st March

Spelling said alternatives measure facts test Fri 21st March

Spelling ssion x4, test Fri 14th March

Spelling double consonants x5 test Fri 7th March

Spelling le x2 test Fri 28th Feb

No Oak homework for half term

Spelling homophones x12 test Thursday 13th Feb

Spelling “Great hairy twits!” x 12 1st 1/2 test Fri 7th Jan

Spelling i before e x9 Test Fri 31st Jan

Spelling ous x6 Test Fri 24th Jan

Spelling – en or an? x6 1st half test Fri 17th Jan

French book cover due in Tues 14th Jan

Spelling – noise synonyms, x4 test 10th Jan

Christmas decoration homework due in Tuesday 10th Dec

Own choice of spellings, x8 test 13th Dec

Spelling plurals x8 1st half test 6th Dec

Spelling adverbs x7 Test 29th Nov

Spelling es plurals x7 Test 22nd Nov

Reminder of Oak dates for week 2, Term 2

Spelling o plurals x3 Test 15th Nov

Reminder of Oak dates in Term 2

Spelling f plurals x1 Test 8th Nov

Musical instrument task due in Tues 4th Nov

Spelling  plurals x3 Test Fri 25th Oct

Spelling auto/bio x3 1st half Test 18th Oct

Spelling ed suffix x2 Test Fri 11th Oct

Spelling ing suffix x5 test Fri 4th Oct

Camp diary due in Thursday 17th October

No Tuesday or Thursday homework in Oak’s Camp week

Camp week so no spelling, just 5 times tables

Maths homework for orange group due in 24.09.13

Maths homework for red/blue group due in 24.09.13

Maths homework for yellow/green group due in 24.09.13

Victorian Topic Book Cover  due in 24.09.13

Spelling ate suffix, 1st 1/2 of 5 times table test 20.09.13

Spelling ful/fully    x10 test 13.09.13. . . .