Oak homework 2012 – 2013

Speech punctuation homework due in 09.07.13

Spelling “refer” x6 test  05.07.13

No new homework until after the musical

Greek water clock homework task

Half term homework – learn your words for  ”Pirates of the Curry Bean “

Spelling ous squared numbers test 26.04.13

Spelling “shun” words x5 test test 19.04.13

Spelling “Greek words” words equivalences test 12.04.13

Year 5 clothing research homework project due in 16.04.13

Spelling handwriting homework due in 19.03.13

Spelling comm,  squared numbers Test 15.03.13

Spelling homophones x12 Test 08.03.13

Healthy eating/ Teeth homework due in 5/3/13

Add/subtract homework for Green, yellowmaths groups due in 5/3/13

Spelling en/an  x12 (1st half)

Bug Club Activity for Feb Half Term

Spelling il/ir x11  Test date 08.02.13

Drugs workshop homework due in Tues 29.01.13

Prince Cinders Comprehension/Grammar due in 29.01.13

Mental maths fact sheet test 25.01.13

Said alternative, mental maths sheet Test 25.01.13

Spelling ssion x8 Test date 18.01.13

Spelling agent nouns Decimal equivalence   Test date 11.01.13  Given out 07.01.13

Yr 5 Decimal equivalence  Test date 11.01.13  Given out 07.01.13


Yr 6 Decimal equivalence  Test date 11.01.13  Given out 07.01.13

Spelling f/ves plurals x11  Test date  14.12.12  given out 07.12.12

Spelling  es plurals, x7        Test date 07.11.12 Given out 30.11.12

Spelling un/dis prefix x7  Test date 30.11.12  Given out 23.11.12

Spelling ed suffix whole x5     Test date 16.11.2     Given out 9.11.12

Spelling “auto/bio” prefixes 1st half of x5

Test date 9.11.12      Given out 5.11.12


Homework topic

Autobiography task  Due in Tues 4th Dec          Given out   Wed 14th Nov

Write a book review (Task for both Tues and Thurs “homeworks”)