Egg Heads

A team of Key Stage 2 pupils (known as ‘Egg Heads’) run a small enterprise project, looking after 7 hens and selling eggs to parents, staff and members of the local community.  The hens have a large, permanent enclosure generously funded by a community grant from Bristol Airport.  They also have a a 20m extension run full of trees and shrubs which is an ideal environment to promote their natural behaviour to scratch and explore for food.  They are only let into the extension run when school is open as it is not fox-proof!

Pupils join the ‘Welfare Team’ or the ‘Egg Sales’ team for a term and they are organised by team leaders, or ‘Chief Egg Heads,’ of each team.  Pupils have designed their own egg box labels and keep a spreadsheet of egg production and egg sales.  Eggs are sold weekly after school on a Friday and always sell out!




As part of our School Values theme on Social Responsibility we have recently re-homed 6 ex-battery hens to join our flock.  They arrived during a very cold spell and one in particulary was struggling with the temperatures of her new outside home – so Mrs Newton knitted her a jumper!