Newsletter 14 – March 2017

Dear Parents 
We have attached our new Attendance policy and flowcharts to this newsletter for your information. Keeping attendance data is a legal requirement of schools and the data is collected by both local authority and national data bases.  Good attendance has a direct impact on the attainment of pupils at school and Ofsted will scrutinise our information during any future inspection.

The school would like every child’s attendance to be 95% or above. The flow charts explain the process we will go through should your child’s attendance go below 95%.  Your child will be marked as late if they arrive in school between 8:55am and 9:15am.

The Late flow chart explains the process we will follow if your child is late on over 5 occasions with no clear reason.  Your child will be marked as a U code if they arrive later than 9:15am. This is recorded as an unauthorised absence for the morning, unless they have been attending a medical appointment. The U code flow chart explains the process we will follow if your child is entered as a U code on more than 2 occasions. 

These processes will commence with immediate effect and we hope you will work with us to ensure your child’s attendance is above 95%.  Thank you.
Best wishes Jane Bennett


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